Become apart of the NOOSA FM Team.

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities here at NOOSA FM and we all enjoy mucking in to help out wherever it’s needed. All of us know how to have fun, even if the going gets tough! In actual fact, not many of us do a just a single role. All presenters are encouraged to put in time doing other station tasks at least equal to the length of their show. So you may find someone on the music library perhaps also working with  Sponsorship as well as being a presenter, or our President doing admin alongside IT.


Members-only are able to volunteer for work at the station, and of course, we very much appreciate our numerous volunteers, because they are the essence of NOOSA FM.

Events and Fundraising
NOOSA FM is involved in many events during the year. Whether it’s an outside broadcast, or supporting local events and fund-raisers, there is always plenty for our volunteers to get involved in. Many hands make light work and you’ll have fun at the same time.

Reception can often be the most active area of the station. They help coordinate the day to day tasks, from answering the phone, to assisting Presenters, or preparing community announcements for broadcast, collating station information or dealing with the public and general inquiries.

Music Library
If you enjoy music, have a sense of its genres and are organised, then this could be the place for you. The music library section maintains and catalogue the station’s library of recorded material. They advise members of the library’s contents and also load music onto the station’s studio computers.

Information Technology
This area maintains the station’s administrative computer systems and networks, including regular backups, as well as maintaining the website and recommending equipment or service purchases to maintain and improve the station facilities. If you’re techno-savvy, we’d love to hear from you.

So why not become a member and check out the full range voluntary activities that are available to you here at NOOSA FM.

Noosa District Community FM Radio Association Inc carries Public Liability and Voluntary Workers Insurance
Noosa District Community FM Radio Association Inc.
Incorporation number IA14662
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