Our Story

NOOSA FM is a not for profit, charity and certified social enterprise, independent community broadcaster founded in 1994 and run by volunteers.

We began broadcasting 24/7 in 1997. We think of ourselves as “local and vocal” by providing a real alternative to other broadcasters.

Each of our programs is unique, with all our presenters playing their own choice of music that they love and enjoy, so you’ll be sure to get a wide variety of music, news and views with our programs.

We also tell you what’s going on locally, airing news and views on what’s happening in the communities forming our audience. Plus we support local artists, bands and events including many smaller ones.

Putting it more formally, the main objectives established by Noosa District Community Radio Association are to:

  • Involve and inform the community of local events and affairs.
  • Stimulate interest and entertain through a wide variety of programming styles and tastes.
  • Build a stronger sense of community.
  • Maintain a radio station that can provide opportunities in the areas of education, ethnic, indigenous and current affairs, as  well as local music, sport and news,
  • Raise public awareness and foster a general understanding for groups representing the disadvantaged members and residents of Noosa and environs.
  • Support local volunteer and emergency groups by providing air time for their messages.
  • Promote local events.